Thursday, 8 December 2011

If you can't trust your friends, who can you trust...

Hey there fellow i-APPreciators

I was sitting at home yesterday, contemplating what the topic of my next post could be about, playing with my iPhone (of course) and looking at all of my favourite Apps - when I suddenly had a thought....

One of the reasons that we use social media is to gather information from our friends, peers and networks about stuff that we want to know more about, because if you can't trust your mates and fellow users to tell you the truth, then who can you trust!

So I decided to pick the brains of some of my closest i-APPreciators about their favourite Apps and also review a few of my own personal favourites. So, please find below for your reading pleasure, personal, informative and 'hopefully' helpful reviews - for all of those busy people who don't have time (or maybe just the patience) to trawl through the i-Tunes store to look for great Apps ;-)

Click here to read the full reviews (rather than the snippits I have included below) and to see the rest of the reviews that I just couldn't fit in.... as I have only included one review from each category in this post.

TED (ideas worth spreading) - by Jase
Access to lots of presentations on a myriad of topics.  i-APPreciation Girl LOVES TED. I cannot recommend this highly enough!

iFitness - by Matt:
Good fitness app for tracking fitness activities. Large range of inbuilt workouts and exercises. Tracks weight and calories, calculates BMI. i-APPreciation Girl also LOVES this App!

Words with Friends - by Dave
Basically Scrabble with a text chat feature, enabling you to also communicate with the people you are playing with. Relaxing and stimulating (?!?! um what Dave) - totally addictive.

Onetap - by Leonie
Excellent to use for checking out the current movies that are showing and their times.

Hamish & Andy - by i-APPreciation Girl
If you love Hamish & Andy then you will love this.... just hilarious!

Shazam - by Joel
Tells you the name of the current track that it can hear. Can be on the radio, or random music on a bus, in a supermarket etc. i-APPreciation Girl loves this App because she never needs to be frustrated again by forgetting the title of a song!

TeamViewer - by Joel
Allows you to remote desktop into computers from your ipad. Platform independant. Can access PC or Mac from your iPad.

I would also love for you to share a review too. Who knows, you may know about some amazing App that will change all of our lives!

Until next time :-)

Yours in geekiness
i-APPreciation Girl (aka Rae)


  1. Hi Rae,
    I love apps too and there are quite a few here I'm yet to discover, so will be checking them all out when time permits!
    I'm a great fan of TED, and also currently use Words With Friends and Shazam. I could definitely use Onetap as I love film - the ABC's 'At The Movies' app is worth checking out too!. I've had fun with the imaging app 'Noir' also - good for anyone who likes b&w photography.
    Thank you for another informative and engaging post!

  2. Hi Susie. There are also a number of Apps here that I was completely unaware of before my friends sent me their reviews. In fact, I have already downloaded Teamviewer on my iPad, which is just fantastic (I am so glad Joel told me about that one) and I have also downloaded Onetap - to use one day in the distant future when I have time to think about watching a movie :-) Thanks very much for your reviews too Susie. I will certainly be checking out 'At the Movies' and since a few people have recommended 'Words with Friends' I will also be having a look at that too.

  3. Okay, wow, I had no idea there was such a thing as Shazam. I always resort to googling snippets of lyrics out of desperation!

    Had a look at your longer review post as well and yup, so many interesting things to try out. Am already a huge fan of Angry Birds and Dropbox. Will have to try Words with Friends given how enthusiastic everyone is about it!

  4. Hey Jes - Shazam absolutely rocks - it is usually very accurate with it's song recognition too, regardless of the quality of the music it is 'listening' to. Very cool! I hadn't actually heard of Dropbox before my friend sent his review, but it sounds really useful so I will definitely be giving it a closer look when I have some time.


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