Tuesday, 6 December 2011

It's not all fun and games... towards a better tomorrow

Hello fellow i-APPreciators

We all know that iPhone's are fun. They often provide much of our entertainment - games, music, videos, access to our social networking sites and so on. However, there is a serious side to the world of Apps - but in a REALLY cool way. There is some really interesting research and development being done at present regarding the use of Apps to assist with issues such as: 

Controlling eating disorders
Young women around the world are downloading a new application that is helping them manage eating disorders from the privacy of their phone. Serious eating disorders kill 20 per cent of sufferers if left untreated but with treatment that number falls to 3 per cent.... for the full story, click here

Dementia risk reduction
Recent research has linked a healthy heart and cardiovascular system to brain health and a reduced risk of dementia, and a new application has been launched to help people capitalise on this.... for the full story, click here

Assisting the deaf and hearing impaired community to access critical information
Australian Communication Exchange (ACE) has developed Silent Tweets. This text-based broadcasting system will circulate emergency warning notifications such as building evacuations or disaster announcements to users..... for the full story, click here

Keeping drivers awake
Drivia is the first interactive App designed to help drivers stay awake on the road. It is an entertaining trivia game based on voice recognition capabilities... the app reacts differently based on each driver´s fatigue level.... for the full story, click here

Performing CPR
CPR at your fingers tips! Developed by a team of Health Care professions with simplicity in mind... sound recordings give you clear instructions and tempo on how to perform this life saving skill... for the full story, click here

image source: iTunes Store

Wow! Real world problems are being solved by real world solutions involving Apps. This ongoing research and development potential just gives us even more reason to love our iPhones!!!

If you know of any other really interesting research and development being done in the wonderful world of Apps, please let us all know about it.

Until next time :-)

Yours in geekiness
i-APPreciation Girl (aka Rae)

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