Why this blog?

When I found out that I would be writing a blog for my Social Media summer school unit, my initial reaction was…. oh my god…. oh my god…. ohhhhh myyyyy godddddd! What am I going to write about? Knowing that other students would be reading my blog, I didn’t want to come up with a trivial topic. I wanted to write something clever, meaningful, inspiring and insightful and I wanted it to be about something that I was truly passionate about.

I considered many topics, but eventually I realised something ‘profound’ (ha ha – I am just kidding)…. How the hell did I survive before Apps!!! I love them. I NEED them! I use them constantly for information, entertainment and to simply get through my daily life. 

I go to the App store regularly to see what is new. I ask friends and co-workers about their Apps and which ones they would recommend.  Yes, it appears I found my passion, my niche. As sad as it sounds, my Apps (and my iPhone/iPad - and other random techno gadgets) make my life better, easier and…. I hate to even say this out loud (well, in writing anyway)… complete! 

So this blog will be about Apps, iPhones, iPads and other geeky techno gadgetry intended to improve our lives. It will look at the good, the bad, the ugly and the truly horrifying. Is this a trivial topic... probably... most likely... OK, yes! But is it something that I am passionate about... absolutely.