Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Look out Hollywood!

OMG OMG OMG!!!!  The iPhone is like..... totally famous.

I had a laugh to myself today when I found out that this news story had made it all the way to Hollywood!

The iPhone's celebrity status has finally reached epic proportions - with it featuring on Perez Hilton's website... and not just up against the ear of some wasted celebrity or because it was used to take naked photos of famous people (because they NEVER EVER get leaked onto the internet - LOL) either. It has a story all of it's own.

OK - maybe the story is about an iPhone spontaneously combusting on a flight, which is not great news for Apple. But as they say in show business, any publicity is better than no publicity.... right :-)

Well done i-Phone! Soon it will have its own handprint (or should that be case print) on the Walk of Fame.

Until next time :-)

Yours in geekiness
i-APPreciation Girl (aka Rae)


  1. That is scary. But I love how you have used this event as something you're able to take a positive spin on....I myself live on the dark side of the (non-iphone using) universe, but reading your blog makes me want to go out any buy one (they should be paying you: maybe you could monetize this!) After reading all your great reviews, I'm not sure even a spontaneous combustion incident will put me off...so as you say, any publicity really is better than no publicity!
    Thanks for enlightening me.

  2. Hi Gabi. If I am able to bring someone over to the light side of the (ever expanding iPhone 'love-fest') Universe, then I believe that my blog has done it's job! So, don't let a minor glitch like spontaneous combustion stop you from making the most amazing, life-changing purchase of your life. You asked me in class the other day how I managed kids, a full-time job, part-time study, travel etc etc. My iPhone seriously helps to keep me organised and (almost) sane - I even have an app that scans product barcodes and then puts them on a shopping list for me - no typing, so quick (just point and scan)... and it keeps me amused and helps me wind down. Yes, I love my iPhone :-)


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