Saturday, 10 December 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....


I was putting up my Christmas tree last night and suddenly realised that I was doing this much later than would normally be the case and that Christmas is very scarily just around the corner! Argghhh!! How did this happen? I have soooooo much to do and so little time to do it in!

I LOVE Christmas and I am pretty sure that you have realised by now that I love my iPhone - in fact, put those two things together and I am practically giddy with excitement. However, life is a little overwhelming at the moment, so I started wondering whether my iPhone/iPad and some new Christmas Apps could possibly make my life a little easier during this crazy, wonderful, hectic, fun, stressful and festive time of the year. So, I took a visit to the iTunes store...

What did I find??

Source: iTunes
I found a really cool App called Gift Plan (4.5/5 star rating on iTunes) - not only for use at Christmas but for all special occasions, ie can import birthdays from facebook and contacts, and includes notifications of upcoming events - NEVER forget a special day again (i-APPreciation Girl needs this!!). It has tabs for entering gift ideas for individual recipients as you think of them and shopping lists that support pricing, tallying and emailing gifts.
Mashable says 'gorgeous new iPhone App simplifies gift giving'.

Source: iTunes
Another App that will be good for the kids to make personalised Christmas cards and send to family and friends is the Dr Seuss Camera - The Grinch Edition (4/5 stars on iTunes) - Create zany and whimsical Grinchmas Cards - take a photo with the characters or with your own face in the cutout of a character and then decorate. This will save i-APPreciation Girl hours, as she won't have to sit down and help the kids write out individual cards - yay! says 'if you're only going to download one Christmas App this season, make it this one'.

Source: iTunes
For the iPad, I found a good App for Christmas music called ummmm... Christmas - wow, what a totally creative and original concept for a name :-)
Please don't confuse it will ALL of the other Apps called 'Christmas' (there are a LOT of them!!!). It has music and christmas stories and.... the real reason that I can't resist it - it includes the cutest cat picture ever! Ha ha - yep, it doesn't take much to win me over!

Source: iTunes - OMG... how cute!
And the last App that I wanted to share is:

Source: iTunes

Christmas Bagpipes - but only because it raises the question.... WHY? It makes my ears want to bleed just thinking about it - LOL!

There are also a lot of other Christmas iPhone and iPad Apps for Christmas games, music, recipes, card creation, gift lists and so on available at the iTunes Store.

If you know of any Apps that could help make Christmas less stressful and more organised, or simply more fun, feel free to share this information with us.

Have fun App shopping and have a very Merry Christmas!!

Until next time :-)

Yours in geekiness
i-APPreciation Girl (aka Rae)


  1. It is interesting to note that there is an app to create Christmas cards. In the same manner that the photography industry has been undermined by digital technology, traditional publishing forms are also losing ground and no doubt many businesses will not survive. I think that the changes taking place across the board are monumental and it will be interesting to see what the world looks like ten years from now.

  2. Oh man, I need that Gift Plan app like burning. It's marvellous how you can get things to simplify everyday life like this, but I often find myself spending whatever time I would have saved procrastinating on other things instead! Still, it's nice to feel organised. ;)

  3. Replies

    @Wordpic press (aka Paul) - it is just amazing to think that social media/social networking really only become 'mainstream' from about 2003 with MySpace, then Facebook in 2004 and Twitter in 2006... although other popular platforms like Napster and Friendster were around a bit earlier than this and blogging of course. I mean it's hard to believe that the Internet has only been available to the 'public' since the mid 1990's. The rate that technology is growing and infiltrating every corner of our lives is amazing and wonderful and scary and concerning all at the same time. What do you think? By the way, thanks very much for reminding me about the poor Christmas card businesses - I will make sure that I buy some 'traditional' Christmas cards too :-)

    @Jes - I actually spent 4 hours trawling through the App Store looking at Xmas apps, so I think that may not have been an awesome use of my limited timeframe between now and Xmas to get everything done - haha. So, I really hope that the apps I downloaded DO get me organised... or at least give me the 'comforting, even if completely bogus' impression that I am organised LOL.


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